Day Fourteen, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 3261 for a total of 41005

I’m still on track with the story. I quickly got them over to the Pyramid and instead of having them travel in some labyrinth maze, my mind decided to put the information in easily accessible rooms on the outside. I put glyphs on the walls and had them figure out which room the scroll was hidden in and would NOT destroy the ruins. My mind got tricky on me and decided that instead of one room, two of the rooms contained valuable information. One on the lockbox and another with the scroll. Finished the section off with them getting the scroll they came for but… hearing sounds of combat off in the distance.

Overall today was fun to write. It felt like the words flowed and I could see what was going on, like I was on my computer. Things slowed down when I had to quickly figure out what the “puzzle” portion of the plot but in the end was pleased at making the goal.

(Note to revision-self: When you come to editing this part, do some research with regards to Cairo and where the pyramids are located. Does it really take 3 hours to get to the first of the nearest pyramids? Maybe get a guidebook to Egypt.)

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