Day Thirteen, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 3600 for a total of 37744

Yay! Go me! I’m past 35K and still going. Still writing this blasted thing by hand even. I’ve got Autumn, Chad, and Andrews up in a plane now. They’re en route to Cairo. I figure it’s the safest place for them to be with the daemons after them. *gryn* Tomorrow I plan on getting them into a pyramid and trying to come up with some magic lock picking method to get what they need from the ruins.

Being less than 15k away from the 50k finish line, I took a look at the plot outline. When I started, I figured that 17 plot points was barely enough to get me to 50k. Of course, I think that EVERY year and tend to squish things down in the last 15K because I have like 10 or more things to cover before I consider the book done. In reality, I pad a lot when I write, hoping that every word will help count towards the ultimate goal. I do this because I think a part of me is afraid that if I don’t extend the word count and throw in as many words a day as I possibly can, before my mind explodes, that those words may cost me– it may be the year where I run out of plot and things to write about before hitting 50k. And then I’d have to go back and add more in, something I don’t like doing because I feel it’s cheating and allows my internal censor and editor out to rip apart the fragile draft before it’s done.

If I keep going at the nightly rate of 3000+ words, I think I’ll have a 70k novel on my hands. And maybe a dead left hand. I don’t want either of those to happen. I’m already tired of writing by hand and really want to stop, but I am determined not to let that negativity get the best of me. So, I’m going to condense a bit (not by much tho) and plan on finishing the book in 5 days and about 52,000 words. If I stick to this new goal, this handwritten book will be my longest NaNo book I’ve done to date.

Oh and for those of you reading this (hi btw!), and want to see what I wrote this year, I DO plan on uploading it to it the stories section of this domain. I may put it under the category of “Pandora’s Lifebox”. However, I don’t plan on transcribing it until January at the earliest. I totally want to veg in December and read my brains out! But yes, I plan on digitizing it for posterity and later editing, if I so choose that route for the story.

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