Day Twelve, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 3604 for a total of 34144

I had to check my math twice tonight. It seems rather odd that those 3604 words jumped me that far up the chain. I had planned on writing another meeting and then maybe the boring beginnings of a trip to Europe. Instead I decided to write my own personal rendition of Pandora’s Box, a story that heavily influences the novel’s idea and also catapults Chat and Autumn into unraveling the mystery of the necklace. I then ended it with Chad reading Autumn a bedtime story and Graham walking into the library with some news and offers of coffee. Tomorrow I’ll have the gang get back together, figure out what it is and then go to Europe or something to search for another piece of how the whole thing works.

I must say that I have been enjoying writing the side tangents of the novel more than writing the main storyline. The daemon’s voice, the myth-telling have been far more fun for me so far. I wonder that means?

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