Day Eleven, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 3336 for a total of 30540

The words blur together. I start out really strong and end less than strong. At least that is what writing by hand after ten days feels like to me. I moved the story on a bit tonight, got Chad and Autumn cozier too. Gave them their first kiss. Still need to figure out how they figure out the lifebox– I did give them a hint with a story of Pandora’s box. So, I am thinking that I’ll have them in some sort of additional meeting to fill in some news and then maybe a ROAD TRIP to Egypt or someplace exotic to find the cypher scroll and our big bad.

I’m already very tired this week. Between work and NaNo, I feel like I don’t have time to recover. Tomorrow is going to be even harder… I have my writing group meeting, as well as 4 hours of writing ahead. And work. I may take a half-day tomorrow and go write somewhere before leaving for the group meeting. That way I can get some words in before 2 hours of meetings. Here’s hoping tomorrow goes smoothly.

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