In other news…

I’ve been taking a “Publishing and Marketing Your Book” class, put on by my friend Taylor Ellwood. I’ve been learning quite a bit; many of the tips… so simple yet were nothing I thought about applying to my own marketing. (Like using this journal more.)

One of the things Taylor’s had us all do, is write a query letter, bio, and chapter-by-chapter synopsis of the work we’re trying to publish. I’m using the rough draft of my novel, Touched (Working Title), for this class. I’ve never written a query letter for anything, let along a novel, and have been getting good, solid feedback from Taylor on what things I’ve included.

Today I got the official, “thumbs up,” on my latest effort. He thinks I may be at the point where I can start using the package to start farming out the novel. Yay! Go me. I’m excited. Now if only I had a manuscript worthy of my query letter.

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