Day Six, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 2945 for a total of 14818

Whee…writing meetings are just as fun as being in one. So, this monthly meeting turned out to be a bit more. Like the introduction to the schematics scroll that makes the lifebox. And while I wasn’t going to have Chad here, I decided at the last minute to put him in. Yay for continuity mistake number one. In any case, they’re going to try and spend the afternoon figuring out what this thing does. And that’s when Autumn starts to hear it call out to her. Which is what tomorrow’s writing is for.

Hand still crampy. It now cramps up about 3 pages into writing. I’ve taken the advice of a friend who suggests to shake it out more often and put some good hand creme or lotion on it when I am done writing. Starting today, that’s what I’ll be doing. While I love NaNo, I sorta can’t help but wait for this year to be over. I want to go back to writing by computer.

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