Day Five, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 2426 total of 11872.

Today marks the first day of going back in the story’s timeline to the beginning of when it all started. I intended to start this section out by showing readers a day in the typical life of Autumn Chase. Which is how I started it but then it sorta took a twist into the day that they found out about the scroll of lifebox schematics. She’s currently sitting in the boardroom and I need to decide whether or not to continue the scene and try and fill it up with good geekery bits or just cut to the next bit where she and Andrews find the necklace. Ah, decisions decisions.

On the other hand, (haha, hand get it!?!?) my hand is killing me. I had to take an hour break during the four hour sprint today. I still think I’m crazy for doing this and I am not really having much fun. Part of me feels like it’s more of a pain than an inspiration to my writing. Next year, I’m going back to my beloved mac. But, I am dedicated to getting this novel done by hand this year and I will do it that way… even if I don’t get it done by Thanksgiving.

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