Day Four, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count 2682 for a total of 9446 — just SHY of 10k. I’d push it but my hand is shaking from the writing and I really don’t want to hurt myself this year.

Today’s writing session went lots better. Started off really slow and sluggish tho. Trying to get Autumn Chase talking to Inca (the antagonist) was a bit of a pain. It felt like a really bad marriage therapy session where you can tell they have a a lot to say to one another (and some attraction) but are acting stubborn and do not want to talk at all. But as soon as I switched gears a bit and got into Inca’s head, all ranting about how he hated that The Father loves humans best, the word count went up a lot and fast.

I am still curious how I am able to fit 2600 plus words into 10 pages when the first day or two saw me only fitting 2000 or so. I started writing today around 10am and finished around 2pm. So yeah, 4 hours at this. Time to rest. I’ll push over the 10k line tomorrow, on day five instead of day four.

In other news, my fountain pen is fixed. I had kender take a look at it when he got home. Turns out that the nib itself can be screwed in and it had loosened itself from the base that holds the pen casing and nib together. Once we got it tightened up, it made a great seal around the converter and the ink flowed once more. I also googled the proper use of the converter last night and found out that I was “doing it wrong.” So now I also know how to refill the converter the proper way too. Yipee.

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