Day Three, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 2598 for total of 6764
Today’s plan was to get Autumn Chase talking to the daemon antagonist. However, I seem to be writing a day behind. Which is okay, seeing that I only have 17 plot points and need to accomplish 50,000 words within those plot points. Things have been moving along slowly and I’m not real proud of the writing but I’m sure it’ll come out and give me my 7th win.

Today was crap tho. Started my period (sorry for the TMI, but it does figure into my writing life), my $60 Levenger fountain pen (the new one, the one i was just really beginning to like writing with) decided to break– it stopped making a tight seal between the nib and the cartridge container so no pen gets thru the nib; and I spent most of today in meetings with a client regarding new work.

Tomorrow, I hope will be better. Tomorrow I get to show the tension between the big bad and our heroine and toss some sexual tension into it all. Whee.

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