Get Down with the Sickness

Ugh. Been, literally, sick all week. Something crawled into my chest Sunday and for the past five days, I’ve felt as if I were drowning in my body. Having Chest Plague(tm) really sucks. Been alternating between thinking that “breathing is hard, let’s go to sleep” and “being alive is hard, let’s go to sleep”. As such, the bed’s been my primary residence this whole week.

I dislike getting sick. Most of the time, when I do feel a cold coming on, I zap it pretty quickly. As an asthmatic, it’s Really Not Good(tm) to let something into the chest. It’s like getting dumped in the ocean and being forced to tread water. Plague’s not only zapped my energy but stolen my smart brain cells as well.

Today is the first day where, despite coughing and zapped energy, that I feel normal. So I’m going to slowly reintegrate myself back into human society. I’ll try not to over do it though, as I can still barely wander around without my chest wanting to spew a lung.

Ugh. My week in review after the cut…

Tonight I have a GEM meeting. It’s my turn to lead, and I’m taking participants through a Tarot Alive session. I planned on getting a guided meditation written… still don’t have one, that’s one thing I will get done today. At least I was smart enough to add my workshop to the group wiki before the Plague hit. I have a rough idea of how tonight’s going to work.

Also meeting with Taylor before GEM to discuss my writer, Shon and his book. I’ve been looking forward to talking about our initial meeting and figuring out what my next steps are to support him.

The following are things that didn’t get done. I plan on gaining ground on them over the weekend and next week:

  • Editing TOUCHED. Got as far as keeping the file open on this computer.
  • Progress on tarot school homework. Got assignment 1 done Sunday and then, when Plague hit and I lost all my energy, all I did was review the lesson and stare at the 5 cards I’m supposed to work with. I want to get the next two to three assignments completed soon. I don’t want to forget all that I’m supposed to do!
  • Revising CA hardware manual. I scheduled time to go to kender’s office Monday. Well, that didn’t happen. kender brought home the device in question, thinking that I could get the work done at home. I didn’t. Do I get props for looking at it?
  • Reading a book and reviewing it for DIYP. I pulled the book off the book shelf and looked at it. Flipped through the pages even, before I set it down again to go nappy.

Okay, time to wrap this up and move onto something else. Like another post.

2 thoughts on “Get Down with the Sickness

  1. i used to have asthma when i was little.. it’s not good not being able to breathe.. lots of hot steamy tea and Cold FX! hope you feel much better soon.

    1. Jen,

      Thanks for the tips, never heard of Cold FX. Robotussen DX Max has been a good help for me as well. Alas, it doesn’t help with getting my sleep schedule on track but… it does assist my ability to breathe easier.

      Just made an appointment with my acupuncturist Monday… here’s hoping some good old Chinese meds can assist with the getting better.


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