New RAVENS Update

RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY hasn’t returned from the printers yet. They’re running behind schedule, and neither the editors nor the printers want to rush on the books. (Which we’re all happy about, right? Getting quality books is a happy thing.) As such, there’s no packing party tomorrow. If the books arrive next week, there MAY be one next Saturday.

Thanks for the support and I’ll keep you all informed on when the books arrive.

2 thoughts on “New RAVENS Update

  1. The regular updates from both you and the Ravens crew are great, and a rarity in the ordering world. Don’t sweat it.

    But your website is, um, a little broken. I always get a 404 error on your current post, and can only get it by going to archives. Very happy to see you posting regularly, though, your posts are a real treat for me.

    See you over at D*I*Y Planner, hon.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Glad you like seeing my updates.

      Can you tell me what operating system, browser and version you’re using to view Shades of Maybe? I’ve tested the site under Mac OS X with both safari and firefox and know many people who visit with their pcs that aren’t having issues.

      Thanks again, and glad you enjoy the posts!

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