Squee…Geek Lurve

Kender traded in his remaining 2008 vacation hours for cash. We decided to use that money to fuel my geek by getting me a new Macbook. It’s been 3 years since my last computer purchase. On the scale of things, I’m ahead of the curve. The money hit our bank account today. While I’d LOVE to go to The Mac Store right now and pick up Smudge’s new body, I’m busy today. Kender offered to let me go alone but I know he wants to be there to see me bounce and SQUEE and huggy box. So tomorrow, I get a shiny Macbook. Yaaaaaaaay!!1!1111!11BBQ.

I’m now looking for a new home for my current black Macbook. In chatting with some friends, I decided to include this selling point:

System used by “semi-famous” author to write story published in anthology with Neil Gaiman.

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