Humanity Fails

I have survived
All the hardships
And tests that life
Has thrown at me
Each day brings about
A new dawn of discovery
For life is a learning experience
And all that is about us
Is here for us to learn from
And grow, as each passing day
with a recollecting memory
Of all the accumulation and acceptance
That this world has taught us.

Timestalkers we are…
walking through time
The wind in my face
Looking all about…
Past behind me now
The future- towards the sky
Before me lays

Into the fields I delve
Thinking into…
mysteries of thought
The mysteries of thought
Can be revealed through
The eyes of one’s soul.

Like the phoenix from the ashes
Each dawn turns about
New discoveries
Just waiting to be experienced

Taking time out
From a once busy day
I stand atop the mountainside
Where nothing can ever stop me
In my dream unfolding.
That one day the balance on Gaia
Will be restored to her fullest, brightest
And that
The perfection and beauty
Seen amongst Nature- as is
Reminds us all…
That where humanity fails-
The imagination triumphs.