The Heart Will Fail

“There is a certain amount of life that is brought into the dream.
A life filled with pain and suffering. Our only salvation can be guided through by the
hope of eternal love bound by the limitations of time.”

The heart will fall
Entropy in effect
This is the story of my life.

Redemption so close
My life, Snatched away
Drawn through blood of vitae.

I stand alone
In a dimension kept
Betwixt life and death.
A fear too strong to curb
An ever-lasting lust.
Now, I walk amoungst the dead
The imagination- my playground,
provides me with
No room for reality.
This is what I get
from wanting what the
Deepest darkest desires provide.
Never more to see the sun,
To know the flame that
Is spawned by
the light of eternity.
This is my demise.

The angels sing no more for me
For with each passing night
I give birth to the dead.
A new army of servants
To forge the desire,

The hands of fate
The face of death
Crowd down upon me in
a fit of greed.
need it, desire grows stronger.
blood… sweet salvation.
Dance with me tonite.
So that I won’t have
To hunt alone
Alongside a Moon of Madness.

Mortal man knows not
of a lust as great as ours.

Time has no effect when You Live for all eternity.
No cares, nothing seen is new,
Just a life that is as boring as before.
Except for the desire
that keeps me alive.

The monsters of limbo await
To bring me down
The sunshine of damnation.
All wrapped up in
the unfinished order of my life.
The pain awaits- in a life such as this
Along with the rush that is felt
Adrenaline- flow.
I live for the chase once more.

What is worth more-
The love or the life
Made between mortals?

Living in shadows
Fearing that what is not
All felt by the mind’s eye.
All those who know me,
want a part of my soul.

I’m losing the Faith
What little was left.
In the creation of the vampyre-
creates the insanity
Of my life.

The love of the sun- gone again
To feel the warmth against my chin.
Lost within a Cracked- heart- torn,
that’s the price I paid for
The life of infinity.

Want to escape from it all
Never to return.

Is there no hope, a light?
My fallen angel- to guide me back
Want to return to what I was
Regain the power to
Understand. That which I have become.

The beast that within me grows
Each breath more difficult to taste
Each step towards light more difficult
I want, take- life
Leaves me scarred,
The myth of survival
Is a high price to pay.

The taste of your skin.
That which brought forth my destruction
Begone from me now
The only thing left of you
Are the memories of a love that was never there

I’d like one more chance
To dance the dance once more.

And as time flows in
Its circular pattern, I can only hope
That we shall meet again,
Creator, Mentor-
as equals upon the battlefield of apocalypse.
Bring death upon death
and destroy this nighttime wakeness.
to restore the dream once again to

I wish I may
Wish I might
Destroy thyself
In a flash of

I long for the time that I will see you once more.