If it Works… Do It; or How I uncovered my 2009 nano idea

“If it works, go for it,” became this year’s motto for uncovering my central idea for NaNoWriMo 2009. I fretted over the past five days about how “late” I was in getting an idea for my story. Kender and I brainstormed some ideas last night, and after awhile, our session devolved into discussing and me writing up an scenario I had for our D&D campaign. Today I spent hours scanning the NaNo forums, as well as my old Scrivener files for past rejected ideas. In that slush pile, I found an idea. And a rudimentary liking and shape took hold in my mind.

Admiring the forum banners, I stumbled across one that had a design and theme that resonated in me. So out comes Photoshop and my digital crafty side took over. By the time kender arrived home I had started files for a Dust Cover (for my author’s bio page), and a Desktop graphic. About an hour ago, I finished the designs on all three.

Ladies and Gents… I’d like to present this year’s idea:

Now all I need is to develop that idea into a REAL plot and maybe get a rudimentary outline ready by November 1st. Any out there want to talk plot shop?

4 thoughts on “If it Works… Do It; or How I uncovered my 2009 nano idea

  1. I know… isn’t it. I can email you (or anyone else for that matter) a zip that contains the Desktop image and the Dust Cover if you are interested.

    The Dust Cover is viewable on my NaNoWriMo profile, in the The Novel section.

    Are you gonna participate this year or will you be doing a yarny variety?


  2. I took a peek on your profile..neat! Very good work on the banner and cover!

    I won’t be participating, by words or probably by stitches either (50,000 stitches?) because I’m going to have too much to do when I get back to Wisconsin…but I’ll be a cheerleader!

    1. Glad you like those two. And we can always use more cheerleaders.

      Who knows…maybe one day you could participate in one of the stitching related competitions. I don’t think it’s 50,000 stitches… maybe art by the foot or something? I used to know more about those november art contests but it’s been awhile. I’m sure knitty has some stuph going on for november.


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