Good Advice from R.A. Salvatore

Kender’s read more Salvatore than I have; he was recently interviewed by the Willamette Week. I read the interview and really liked what he had to say about writer’s block and writing (click “read more” to see the passage I liked best). These are things I should try and remember when I’m in my own writing funks.

Your cure for writer’s block:
I tape a copy of my daughter’s college tuition to the side of the computer. Just kidding, but I don’t believe in writer’s block. Writer’s block is a lack of confidence, and I’m a professional writer so I’ve got no time for that nonsense. Remember, I’m going to die someday, so why should I be afraid to tap keys?

Pessimistic question: Will you keep writing even after people stop reading?
Of course, and probably more than I write now. Writing and publishing are two different things. I write because I have to, because I won’t be happy unless I’m putting these stories down on paper. I publish to pay the bills.

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