In the Studio

Kender spent some time in his studio yesterday. He’s been rather melodious lately and it’s been great to hear what’s been rolling around in his head. The new tune was great but he really wanted to add vocals. So, I turn to him and told him the words that the song sorta kicked up in my head. He tried to run with it but it didn’t sound right.

Instead, I told him to let me give it a shot. So, we recorded a bunch of snippets of me singing and the result is “Make Me Bleed”. Go listen and be gentle please. This is my first attempt at singing since womens’ choir in college.

2 thoughts on “In the Studio

  1. Wow that was amazing. 😀 (Yes, I finally got to hear it. My firewall was blocking any site with *track* in the url so I add Kender’s to the White list and voilà! I can listen too.)

    1. Hey Sard!

      I’m glad you liked it. And I’m glad you finally got your firewall to behave properly so you could listen to the stuph kender (and I) have been making.

      BTW, the graphic the site set for you, really does you suit your professorism.


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