Love What You Have: Day Eight

Michelle wrote about how we can make things shine. That is to find something that isn’t looking it’s best and clean it up. Sometimes I forget that a good scrub can take the dusty and sticky kitchen items looking new and amazing. Our homework for today is to:

Pick one item in your house that’s looking rather drab, and spend ten minutes perking it up with a good old-fashioned scrub down. Bonus points for listening to (or SINGING) A Spoonful of Sugar while you do it.

Again, this is a really hard one for me to come up with. With the things I have and display, I tend to dust and clean them regularly. When our kitchen remodel finished, I did scrub down the iced tea maker that kender has. Today I did give some extra attention in the kitchen… so I hope this counts.

In any case, I will be mindful of this assignment and if I see something that doesn’t reflect or honor this, I’ll be cleaning it up.

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