Love What You Have: Day Nine

Temptation is the name of today’s email. In this, Michelle reminds us about all the things we buy without thinking, becuase either we “need” it or want it. I’m guilty of this… for sometimes shopping and book hunting are my only real outlets to getting away from home. Today’s assignment:

Take 10-15 minutes to assess what you’ve already got in the category you tend to shop for most often (such as clothes, shoes or, like me, home decor items). Decide where you have enough, and what actual holes there are in your collection. Eliminate temptation by unsubscribing from the store newsletter, not visiting the website or not cracking open the sales flier unless you’re looking for something specific.

Okay, so my list of temptation items that I buy:

  • Snacks: I have more than enough snacky items to keep me through the day. This includes chocolate, dried fruits, and granola. I want to be able to eat up the boxes of cereal that I have before I get any other snack item. The only holes that I see are breads, as we tend to go through a lot of that.
  • Books: Thankfully, I’m more into getting freebies than paying. As I’ve listed elsewhere, I’m trying hard not to spend more than $20 a month on 1-2 books of my own monies. I want to read the ones I do have in my library. Only holes are the books that I want that did not get before the ebook got pulled from where I purchase them.

Eliminating temptations:

  • Email deletion. Thankfully, I use to round up and handle subscriptions. I’ve also been unsubscribing from things that I don’t want.
  • Newspapers. I don’t subscribe to a newspaper, therefore I don’t get the sales fliers. Same with junk mail, I go to the sites that help me unsubscribe from marketing lists.

What temptations do you have when you get to the store? Is there anything you find that you buy more of and then don’t use it all?

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