Love What You Have: Day Four

Today’s assignment:

I bet you can find some amazing amenities you may have forgotten about—and the more you stretch yourself to think of them, the more likely you’ll be to find some gems that you’ll want to make use of. Does your apartment complex or neighborhood have a pool? Are there any free museums in your area? Check out your local Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Bureau website to see if they have a list of free resources and things to do in your city. Once you have your list, it’s time to love what you’ve got. Star the items you forgot about, and make a note to take advantage of them. Keep the list around for the next time you’re looking for something to do and can’t think of any good options.

So here’s my list (hopefully expanding over time):

  • Access to a public library (that also has a great eBook lending programs)
  • Amazing parks and scenery
  • Hot tub
  • Gas heater
  • Clean air in the house (thanks to our new furnace)
  • Wireless at the house and free wifi at other places
  • Portland Art Museum
  • A great friendship circle
  • A great writing community that helps me get stuff written
  • Mountains within an hour of driving
  • Ocean within an hour of driving
  • Computer
  • Tarot Decks

Um, um… and… can you local PacNWers think of anything else I’ve forgotten?

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