Love What You Have: Day Three

Today’s email focused more around the idea of Spending it Forward. The assignment was to:

Find something to celebrate (a sunny day; a small victory at work; a personal milestone or a fresh attitude about a problem) and deck the table like it’s Christmas (even if you’re just eating fish sticks). Take out your best dishes, cover the table in candles and pretty serving ware, and celebrate like you mean it.

Today was an awesome day. I knocked everything off my to-do list; which included formatting a book for print, ePub, and Kindle. It was unusually warm and sunny out. And then, the best piece of information came to my email inbox: I got accepted by the Northwest Tarot Symposium to teach a class at the inaugural event next March. Woot! So my celebration was on. I’ll be teaching Creative Writing and Tarot, one of my favorite subjects to talk to others about.

However, I really don’t own any “best dishes” or other kitchen items that I don’t already use on a daily basis. So instead, I celebrated at a friend’s house where we used her new antique glassware. I also donated my stack of unused paper plates to her household of 3 kids.

2 thoughts on “Love What You Have: Day Three

  1. I noticed you left a gift behind! I’m glad we could celebrate with you! Congrats on your accomplishment and your positive thinking. I just knew 2014 would kick some serious booty. (-:

    1. Er, you noticed I left those plates or did I leave something else behind? 🙂 I figured since I don’t use paper plates as much as you do, that I’d gift them to you. Thank you for being awesome and for staying along for the ride. I totally kicked serious booty yesterday (as you could tell, I got two more blog posts done today (and one of them a review)).


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