Love What You Have: Day One

I follow many decluttering blogs. It’s one of my goals to have things that I love and only use here at the house. (It also helps my allergies to have less dust laying around.) One of these blogs is called Rosy Blu and is run by Michelle. She offered a email class on Love What You Have. This class was not only reasonably priced, but it fit into many of my goals that I am trying to learn in 2014.

Today’s assignment:

Pick one item in your home, and alter it or customize it to suit your needs better. (Then hit REPLY and tell me what you did!)

My initial response was, “eeek! How am I going to fulfill this?” I think this class is going to help me build new connections with my stuff and really look around the house and see what things could solve issues. Normally, when I go through the house, it’s with the mindset of what can I get rid of. But this is really making me think hard about using what I already have to solve whatever “issues” I can find.

My clever hack
My clever hack
So, here’s what I did (I thought it was clever and decided to post it here too):

I’m not sure if this counts but this is the best I could come up with today. My husband and I ride motorcycles and every time I remove my jacket off the hook, one of the inserts always falls off the hook. It’s quite annoying and frustrates me. Your message today made me look really hard at what I owned… and i came up with a solution. I used a large binder clip that I was not using and slipped it over the hook. Then I used the other part of the hook I slipped into the velcro tab on the back of the jacket and it’s my hope that this solution works to keep that insert from falling off.

What do you all think of this? A good idea, if you ask me.

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