Love What You Have: Day Two

Today’s assignment was to choose from three options and then apply that to your life. The option I chose was:

Option A: Assess the consumables you have in your home—body care, cleaning products and pantry staples, for instance. Sort them, line up the duplicates, and commit to not buying more until these are completely depleted.

Which is something I’ve been aware of and slowly implementing in my life. I figured that the timing with the class makes it so I can publicly commit to. I’m applying this philosophy to the following areas in my life:

  • Perfumed oils. I love body oils and their scents. As a result, I have a larger-than-I-want collection. I’ve already sorted and ordered them in the way I want to “use these up.” So I’ll continue to do so until I have less bottles.
  • Books. I have a book buying addiction (mmm books). So in an effort to save monies and to get my “reading list” cut down in a manageable level… I plan to not spend money on new ones. Using gift credit is okay, but I cannot buy myself gift credit. It has to come from an other. Instead, I will read the eBooks I have not read in my library, review the books on my current list, and check out fiction eBooks from the library.
  • Wax melts. Last year I found that I wasn’t able to keep incense anymore. So I hopped on the wax melt bandwagon and have quite a stash. I want to get the stash down so that I can either learn to make my own or find suitable magical scents to burn.

I’ve already been good about not buying new body care or food items before they’re used, so I will continue to do that. Got any other good suggestions for me to try and work out, let me know in the comments?

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