NaNo 2010 Day Ten

Word Count: 2833 for a total of 25871
Revised Words: 5971 for a total of 29009

I’ve done it! I’m now on the backside of 50k words. I’m not sure if it’s all downhill from here but it does feel good. Julien has returned to the Earthborn plane and has been mirroring Tracy around. He’s trying to get a feel for what is going on and observing her activities throughout the day. He has yet to contact her directly through dreams but that will come soon enough. I did get Julien in trouble by first attempting to shift Tracy’s aura so that it’s more relaxed. Then I had him use her computer to try and uncover what happened after he died. As there was no info on it, he got frustrated and acted out. Which drew attention from those in the house. Julien has fled back to SGI HQ and tomorrow we’ll see what that does for him.

Amazingly kender (the world’s best nano cheerleader) put today into perspective for me. I told him that I felt like I was slowing down because it took me 4 hours to write the goal when it took a mere hour to do it a week ago. He said:

It’s natural to slow down. At the beginning of the book, you don’t have to worry about consistency. So you can just fly along. And as you go, you need to keep track of more stuff.

Which is so true, and I’m a bit amazed that I didn’t think about it. He also recommended that instead of writing everything in one shot, like I have been doing, to break it down into two 1500 sets. That if I do that, it may help me continue to write.

ETA: okay, so kender kicked my butt in gear and told me to write more. So I did. I am now on track to finishing this draft on Saturday when I do the Vancouver Region’s Write in Motion. I’m planning on writing 10k words that day throughout the day. Let’s see if I can do it and finish the novel.

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