NaNo 2010: Write In Motion

Word Count: 13289 for a total of 53,607

I originally wanted to post this recap of Saturday’s awesomeness on Saturday or Sunday but my brain was feeling a bit too fried. Doing it today also gave me the distance I needed for perspective. One of the fun events that our Vancouver region does during NaNoWriMo is to do an all day writing event. Known as Write in Motion, this year we wrote across the town at various spots.

To summarize the event, We had a blast! Our ML, nancy, and I discovered that together we wrote one half of a novel in just one day with our combined word counts! As you recall, Kender dared me to wrap up my novel Saturday. And I’m happy to report that I beat that challenge and wrote 13289 words.

Leg 1: 8:00-10:00 at di Tazza
Wrote 4684 words
Woke up bleary eyed and ready to write at the gawd awful early hours of the a.m. I ordered a apple turnover and a medium sized non-caffeinated hot chocolate and grabbed a spot. Others slowly started trickling in and soon we had a rousing group of about 10 people hammering away at their word count. My friend iScribe joined in on the fun and she also brought her viking hat of writingness. During this leg, I uncovered that I could write about 2500 words in an hour and that sugar is just as effective as caffeine for fuel.

Leg 2: 10:15-1:45 at the Cascade Park Community Library
Wrote 5364 words
Nine brave souls, caravanned to the library and felt the pressure of the parking lot of poor planning. We quickly rushed into our room and got all set up and quickly started writing again. Nancy led us through a short stint of wrist stretching (which I think helped my wrists from getting sore the entire day). This leg also contained a lunch break, some of us fell into some discussions about writing, using Scrivener, and other writing tips and tricks. Personally, I was shocked to see that, despite my “slight” lack of focus, I managed to somehow kick out almost 500 more words in this leg. Talk about the insanity.

Leg 3: 2:00-4:00 at Barnes & Noble
Wrote 3241 words
After lunch, we drove to the local Barnes and Noble, who had a circle of chairs ready for us in the back corner. Many from the last leg dropped out but we were joined by a few more writers. Our numbers totaled 9 again and we sat in silence as we typed. About an hour into this jaunt, I finished my novel, stretched, and wandered around the bookstore looking at all the various stories, hoping that one day my stories would also be found among the shelves.

Leg 4: 4:15–6:00 at Three Creeks Community Library

Spent this leg decompressing from having my brain explode from writing so many words. I did work on a bit of tarot group homework so I did get some writing. I also tried to fight of the sadness that usually comes from having spent intense time in a world or a story and then having to close the back cover on it so quickly. I will return back to the SGI world, once it has had some time to sit and stew and is ready for revision.

Leg 5: 6:15-8:15 at Van Mall Round Table
The final leg was more of a wrap up and party than an actual write-in, even though two intrepid authors kept working Had some more zany fun here with the 6 remaining authors, I even invited Kender to join us. We were all highly amused at the “WRIGHT BOOK” sign on our door. Guess they didn’t realize we were writing books, right? Hee. Ahem, in any case, we tallied up the total words, played the NaNoLand game and ate pizza.

All in all it was a wonderful experience, filled with frantic typing and great camaraderie. I have forgotten how much I do enjoy writing with other authors and I really should plan to make some more writing dates with my peers soon. Oh and while I may be done with my 2010 nano novel, I still have plenty of words that need to be written elsewhere, namely my blogs, the first draft of my tarot book, and crocheting a bunch of items requested by various peoples.

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