NaNo 2010 Day Two

Word Count: 3077 for a total of 5644

Today I took the plunge and badly wrote a car race and wreck for my MC Julien. Basically, the goal was to kill him off so the real story starts. A friend of mine remarked about why I did two days of “prewriting”, and I basically told her that I wanted to have a pre-living and death scene in the story so that the reader has a small chance to connect to the MC. This way we can watch him develop from a jock teen to a spirit guide in training. Tomorrow the fun part starts as I get to figure out the ins and outs of SGI, Inc and introduce both Julien and the readers to this new world I’m trying to create.

Most of the word count was achieved while doing a small 15 minute word war with my friend Lyndsey. It really helped me focus and hone in the time to write. And it gave me a reason to ignore the IMs popping up on my screen. Word count achieved, I rewarded myself with a sushi treat from Freddy’s and a Lavender soda.

Spent most of last night worrying about today’s writing and the rest of the week. I’m going to be out and about Friday through Sunday at a second Tarot Intensive in Portland. I know I’ll get it all done but I worry about how much writing I’ll get done in between the hours I’ll be gone and sleep and exercise. Ah… who am I kidding, this is nano. Sleep is for the weak. *gryn*

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