NaNo 2010 Day One

Word Count: 2567

In 2008, while I went crazy and wrote a novel in a month by hand, instead of posting the whole thing live, I wrote about my writing experiences. This was partially based off a fellow writer (and friend) Jamie Grove. I didn’t do this sort of coverage last year but due to the whole social network thing getting tied into the site and all, I think I’ll bring it back. Click the more button to read on!

So welcome to the first day of NaNoWriMo 2010! *insert clapping and cheering here* For me, the day began at precisely midnight:01 as I attended this year’s Midnight Write-in at a local Shari’s dive. By midnight, we had about 20 or so writers sitting around 10 tables waiting for the darkest hour of the night to arrive. Many of the new friends I made last year were here and we had a good time chatting, discussing the merits of Scrivener (who not only released a new version of the software for Mac today, but also have a beta out for Windows), and general writerly camaraderie.

The moment the clock struck twelve-oh-one, we were off like rabid rabbits eating everything in sight. I started my nano playlist and let that carry me to victory. Strangely, I was nervous before actually beginning to write but as I continued to hammer out the words, the only calm I experienced was that of my fingers moving really quickly across the keyboard. I wrote about the life of Julien, my MC, while he was still alive and in high school. I ended today’s word total with him speeding off in his new car to get ready for the race that will end his life.

I won the first Word Wars with something like 900+ words in 15 minutes (or was it a half hour, can’t recall) minutes. I then slammed through the rest of my remaining daily goal of 2500 to reach it in about an hour’s time. Wow. Talk about fast typing.

I’m feeling good. Spent most of today cleaning the house and getting ready to hand over those duties to Kender who’s been an awesome cheerleader so far. Also did a bit of prep research for tomorrow by trying to find out what muscle cars and or drag racing cars were popular during the 1960’s. Asked for kender’s opinion and he gave me a good idea that will pit the two cars I found against each other. In any case, I’m looking good for tomorrow.

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