Spirit Guides, Inc.

Spirit Guides, Inc was written in 2010 as my NaNoWriMo entry. I used to publish the entire drafts of my works to the site but as I’m editing to get them published, I’ve pulled the stories down. Instead I am offering downloads of the first drafts as ebooks. Once I edit them for publication, you can return here to download and Purchase the finished volume.

Download the first, unedited draft here

Purchase a copy of the book here

Download the desktop image here

Title: Spirit Guides Inc.
Genre: paranormal, young adult

One Line: The adventures of Julien as he learns how to become a spirit guide for Tracy Springer.
Tagline: Turn to them when you need help

Expanded Plot:
Where do our spirit guides come from? How are they assigned to people?

Welcome the world of Spirit Guides, Inc. (a clouded company) that handles spirit guide counseling between the spirits of our ancestors, animals, and other creatures, and their corporeal Earthbound companions.

This novel follows the adventures of Julien as he learns the ropes of becoming a licensed Spirit Guide. His first assignment, to protect Tracy Springer who’s soul is slowly being destroyed by a member of the rouge organization called The Shadow Group.

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