Story ideas come from the strangest places

This year’s NaNoWriMo novel is based off an experience I had this past July. I was driving my car in town and speaking to my spirit guide. I was musing how such a guide ended up with me as their charge. I’m always wondering if my guides and totems think I’m a major pain in the ass, so I pictured this guide in particular shaking his head and rolling his eyes a lot at me. What can I say, my guides are probably just as smart assy as I am.

In any case, as soon as I asked the question, “How did you get assigned to me?” the seed of a story idea flooded into my mind. I then said, “Never mind. I guess this sort of answers it.” And thus, Spirit Guides, Inc. My novel in-progress for 2010 was born.

Here’s the novel in a nutshell:

Where do our spirit guides come from? How are they assigned to people?

Welcome the world of Spirit Guides, Inc. (a clouded company) that handles spirit guide counseling between the spirits of our ancestors, animals, and other creatures, and their corporeal Earthbound companions.

This novel follows the adventures of Julien as he learns the ropes of becoming a licensed Spirit Guide. His first assignment, to protect Tracy Springer who’s soul is slowly being destroyed by a member of the rouge organization called The Shadow Group.

And here’s a glimpse of the banner I created for the novel to use on the NaNo forums.

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