Story Soundtracks

The first year I participated in NaNoWriMo, I created a soundtrack to write by because I thought it’d be fun and help motivate me to greatness. I’m a writer who writes to music and it did spur me on. Over the years, I’ve created more playlists and soundscapes for my works. I’ve found that when I set up a list of songs, carefully crafting the way the sounds play and match images in my head that it does something more than creating something fun and tangible to share with my friends and cohorts.

Creating a playlist of songs, helps me set my story pace. There are fast songs and slow songs and I find that I have to have a certain pace or beat to fill the gaps between each major plot point. So, behold… here’s the playlist for my 2010 NaNoWriMo novel. Enjoy!

  1. Branwen Slayne by Faith & The Muse from Annwyn, Beneath The Waves
  2. Twist by Tones On Tail from Everything II
  3. Who Am I? (Animatrix Edit) by Peace Orchestra from Animatrix Soundtrack
  4. Silent by Fiction 8 from Forever, Neverafter
  5. Jacob’s Chain by Jamin Winans from Ink The Complete Soundtrack
  6. Sister by She Wants Revenge from She Wants Revenge
  7. Devotion by Necessary Response from Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound
  8. Who You Were by Jamin Winans from Ink The Complete Soundtrack
  9. John’s Walk by Jamin Winans from Ink The Complete Soundtrack
  10. Light & Dark by Mind.In.A.Box from Lost Alone
  11. You by VAST from Visual Audio Sensory Theater
  12. Don’t Fade Away by Dead Can Dance from Toward The Within
  13. I Melt With You by Nouvelle Vague from I Melt With You/Teenage Kicks

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