Remember Scholastic?

MikeOfAllPeople posted this picture on reddit today and it brought back a flood of memories for me today. Autumn always reminds me of these fliers and of school learning. I LOVED getting the Scholastic book forms. I recall spending hours carefully reading and re-reading them; figuring out which juicy fiction books to circle or place stars next to so I could get my parents to fill out the form and give me a check for the new books.

The day the books arrived were always a treat. Unceremoniously wrapped in rubber bands, with my form peering out from the small stack with my name on it. It became a status symbol for kids in my classroom… waiting to see which books arrived and who had the biggest counts. Occasionally, this was not me. I have often wondered if Scholastic was still promoting reading and titles this way and now I have my answers. Thanks for the memories, MikeOfAllPeople and to Scholastic for turning me into a book junkie.

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  1. Oh wow, I totally remember those too. There was always a couple of kids in the class who got Dynamite Magazine from Scholastic and they were the heroes of the class on the delivery days. Thanks for the reminder.

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