Summertime Fun Updates

So crazy month came and went and I’ve been spending the final weeks of August completing various projects. I got my level one certification with Katrina, started working on BATS items and Fall Equinox, and completed writing and sending in more reviews for Witches & Pagans magazine. Also been hard at work in trying to get my tarot business up and running. So far things are slow but steady.

The big news? Well, I learned how to crochet a few months ago. There was a particular thing I wanted to learn how to make so two of my fiber friends muddled through and taught me how to do it. And the amazing thing is that it’s stuck. I’m making thing after thing after thing and actually enjoying it. So, go figure.

A few seconds ago, I was sitting here in the Comfy Chair ™ crocheting a project for a friend and I started thinking about a strange side-effect to crocheting. It’s helping me work things out with my writing in my head.

Spent most of this week working on sorting out thoughts for various reviews and instead of just sitting in front of an open Scrivener screen doing nothing, I pulled out one of my WIP projects and started going at it. That’s when the strange thing happened, I was focused on crocheting rows but my mind was actually rambling off good ideas and sentences. Every now and then I’d pause to jot the ideas down, then I’d go back to working on my row.

I’m a bit surprised at this discovery and look forward to seeing what other insights and effects crocheting has on my other lifetime passions.

2 thoughts on “Summertime Fun Updates

  1. That’s funny about how crocheting clears your head. Peanut taught me how to juggle and I used to reach for the balls on my desk whenever I was doing a doc build. Just a few minutes of tossing them around would clear my head and I’d be able to figure out all sorts of things.

    1. Funny how we realize these things when our mind isn’t honed in on giving us anxieties and grief isn’t it? I’m glad you’ve found the way to clear your head.

      You’d think with all this GREAT CLEARING we have now, that we could figure out world peace and various other issues facing the world today.

      Have a great weekend,

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