In the midst of the crazy

This month’s been crazy hectic for me. Everything just seemed to want to happen this month and I feel like I’m being marshalled through everything. Most if it is fun stuff but it’s the planning and coordinating and packing and making sure everything gets done in an orderly time that’s the stressful crazy bit. So, what IS going on, you might ask? Well…

It started out with our annual Fourth of July Blow Stuph Up party, which was a huge success. I firedanced, played Rockband and my inner pyro got to come out any blow off mortars. Then we had a weekend visit from our friend Drakino. We took him to the gorge and to St. Helens. I cohosted another class, Divination for the Curious, which was a lot of fun and attended a concert by Ayria and Project Pitchfork.

This weekend kicks off the “even crazier” period of July. We’re going camping this weekend. Then on Tuesday I head out to the Oregon coast to attend a Tarot Intensive hosted by my friend Katrina. I’m very much looking to both camping excursions. I drive home late Friday night only to turn around once more Saturday morning to tour Tillamook with Kender, and his parents. We’ll continue heading south along the coast till we hit Lincoln City where we’ll join my family who’s flying out Friday. Neither of our parents have ever met, so this is going to be a fun and wild ride.

We’ll spend the night, and our anniversary, at the coast and then head back Sunday with my family in tow. For the final days in July, I’ll be showing my family all the changes Portland’s done since their last visit.

I’m taking every little “free moment” to breathe and remember to enjoy this moment. If I didn’t enjoy being busy, then I wouldn’t be doing all this. Of course, I figure I’ll sleep when the end of this month comes. Or in August. *gryn* In any case, wish me lots of energy and fun!

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