Seasons of the Order

Seasons of the Order was written in 2005 as my NaNoWriMo entry. I used to publish the entire drafts of my works to the site but as I’m editing to get them published, I’ve pulled the stories down. Instead I am offering downloads of the first drafts as ebooks. Once I edit them for publication, you can return here to download and Purchase the finished volume.

Download the first, unedited draft here

Purchase a copy of the book here

GENRE: pulp; “action/adventure/supernatural”. Think Hellboy meets Indiana Jones or something similar.

Autumn Chase, empath and owner of a bookstore finds a book that tells about a majickal wand. The wand, lost for over a thousand years, holds the power to transmute all majickal energy on the planet into the holder allowing them to become “godlike”. A murder in her bookstore and a mysterious proposition from a homeless man draw Autumn into the race to find the wand before the Syndicate of Chaos does.

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