Under a Ritual Sky

Under a Ritual Sky was written in 2006 as my NaNoWriMo entry. I used to publish the entire drafts of my works to the site but as I’m editing to get them published, I’ve pulled the stories down. Instead I am offering downloads of the first drafts as ebooks. Once I edit them for publication, you can return here to download and Purchase the finished volume. I’ve included information about the book below the download and purchase links.

Download the first, unedited draft here

Purchase a copy of the book here

Download a copy of the inspirational Desktop image (featuring tarot artwork from The Archeon Tarot)

WORKING TITLE: Under a Ritual Sky
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Things to have: technology, art, tarot and elemental magick.

FINAL WORKING IDEA: Misadventures of a magickal tarot ritual gone bad.

PLOT: MC does a tarot ritual, something goes awry and the cards give too much power. they don’t just predict what happens anymore, it makes events happen. MC is at the mercy of the cards, whether it’s in spreads or daily drawings or just simply falling out of a deck. MC goes bed, finds cards on her pillow. Or they appear in unlikely places (like billboards). One day, MC draws a card only to be thrown into some strange place, the middle of a crossroads without no clue where they are or how to get back. until the Wheel of Fortune card appears.

News Recap for Story: Next, on FOX: Bad Spells -When Magic Goes Too Far!!
“All I ever wanted was to create a ritual that’d help ease the pain in my life. I had NO idea that things would go so far as to put me in the middle of nowhere without any hope of returning home. That deck destroyed my friendships and my sanity. And I still can’t find a ride to hitch home with!”

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