Unknown Realms

Unknown Realms was written in 2007 as my NaNoWriMo entry. I used to publish the entire drafts of my works to the site but as I’m editing to get them published, I’ve pulled the stories down. Instead I am offering downloads of the first drafts as ebooks. Once I edit them for publication, you can return here to download and purchase the finished volume. I’ve included links to information about this book below the links to download and purchase.

Download the first, unedited draft here

Purchase a copy of the book here

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Spiritual
Things to have: totems, divination, medicine bundles, firedancing, and elemental magick.

WORKING TITLE: Unknown Realms
ONE SENTENCE IDEA: One MC’s journey to find her spirit totems and her place in the world.
TAGLINE: You cannot escape the call of the spirits.

PLOT: MC wakes up one morning to a phone call, her grandmother– still living on the reservation– is dying and requested her prescience. MC leaves for bereavement and heads to the old reservation. Whilst visiting with her grandma she learns that her dying wish is for her to become the next shaman for the tribe. She’s then sent on a long vision quest to find her majick and totem. Tribe sends her out to the vision hut to learn what her majick is and who her spirit guide will be. in this culture, a person’s totem determines her actions. however, many of the totems out vy for her attention and allure her with dreams of power. they want to claim her for their own. she must decide who is telling the truth and which are lying. put a spin on it and have the most powerful totem which is hers be one no expects  like a slug or a skunk or a tiny animal of some sort. also, totems tend to have dark and light sides. what would a totem spurned early on do?

I was thinking about all the magical symbolism and stuff in your story and wondering if there was any way to make the badge or something related to her mundane life somehow important later in the story?

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