Summer Spell of Creative Fire

Summer brings light and warmth. It strengthens our Will and ignites our passions. Summer’s association with Fire also means that it’s a time of new perceptions and creative endeavors. Perform this quick spell in summer when the light is out. It gives your Will and your projects a jolt of creative juice. Use it when you need to open yourself to creativity or when you’re stuck on a project or want to start something new.

Items needed:

  • A piece of Tiger’s Eye (small enough to carry or wear)
  • Vervain or other inspiring incense of your choice
  • Blue candle (blue inspires and helps the flow of creativity)

Arrange the above items on your altar. Place the tiger’s eye in front of the candle, where you can focus your eyes on it. Light the blue candle and burn the incense. Ground and center yourself. Think about what creativity means to you, and how you want it to manifest in your life. Build that energy up and place your hands on the stone, letting the energy flow from you to it. As the energy flows, say the following chant:

Summer sun burns bright,
Summer light shines all night.
This fire ignites my creative wire.
My will from mind to stone
Creativity this summer shall I own.
So Mote it be.

Let the candle burn down when you are done. Carry or wear the charged tiger’s eye with you when you want more creativity or need that jolt to spur your muse into action.

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