The Celtic Cross

The first card represents the present as it portrays to the question. The question you ask was what? Just a general reading, then. As I was saying, the first card defines a basic situation or central issue to you. The two of cups or love is the card and it faces you.

Crossing love is the trump Strength. This second position represents the concerns brought about by the reading. Here we see strength- possibly yours- as it relates to love, and it is this which is in question.

Below the first two cards sits the five of wands or conflict. Its disposition reflects a past experience or situation that could have caused your questioning of love. Is it a person or a passionate evening that brought such doubts to appear?

To the left the High Priestess perches and she is keyed to your recent past as it portrays to this situation. In your case, she is telling you to look inwards, and reflect upon your life and to ease up on yourself. Romance does not favor the High Priestess.

Upon all rests the Hanged Man. Like the tree to which his rope is secured, he represents attachment. Combined with the High Priestess he advises a time of stillness, an attachment to yourself. Look inwards and distill that which is conflictive before love can be a possibility in your future. Let the Hanged Man’s wisdom guide you in the direction you seek.

To his right lays the Daughter of Cups in the North. Her position relates the immediate developments as given by the previous conditions. Here she advocates a calm and radiant quality. A quality to which people are drawn to. But, be forewarned- this attainment is but only shortlived.

Besides the cross and beginning the post towards the bottom is success, the six of stones. This relates how you will contribute to the situation. Once again, success indicates to you that joy and happiness is in your future but this joy is not a lasting one.

Above success sits the ten of wands or oppression. It’s position reveals what
environmental influences are at work. Depression and oppression are indicated here, however, it like your query may have the chance to dance out of the darkness and into the light.

Illuminating that which is expected to happen is the Daughter of Swords in the South. She indicates a confidant and dynamic person who accepts all that she is given. This is a person, whom you know- or perhaps is within you- that takes charge of a situation and attains her desires.

The final result rests in the power of the Earth. This card, also known as the four of stones, indicates a deep respect and honor for all the sources of strength in your life. Follow its suggestions and you’ll be directed to what fate’s hand leads you. All that I can tell you is that when all is said and done- in the end- you’ll know it when you see it.