Tidbits: too much in ze noggin’

I woke up way too early today. Couldn’t really sleep, there’s too much going on in my brain. So, I figure I’d write out a post and see if it helps my mind work through whatever is keeping it awake. Please click the read more button to see everything in this post.

On Ravens in the Library: Still waiting to hear from the editors on the book’s release. It was supposed to get sent to the publisher this week. Due to illness and business, they’ve been running behind schedule. But the imminent release of the book has me all ancy… I want it to arrive now, darnit!

On Touched and the Editing Process: I’m slowly making my way through TOUCHED. I’m halfway through revising Chapter Two as well reworking other plot issues in my head. Cyd, my writing partner, read through the revisions on Chapter One last week and gave me feedback. She sent me this on IM: “You have found your story, and I salute you!” This compliment pleases and surprises me. I didn’t think that I’d be getting a large thumbs up so early in the process. On the other hand, I’m glad she likes what I’ve done to try and capture my audience’s imagination and draw them into the world and story I’m telling. Now all I need to do with that chapter is just wordsmith and smoothing. Emailed the chapter to the others in my writing group and hope they also like what I’ve done.

On Chinese medicine: I’ve started acupuncture treatments. Last year, my friend Taylor Ellwood gave me a free consultation with Elie Cole and I finally went in to see her. She’s very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and gives me much to work on and think about. I’ve always been curious about eastern medicines and am happy that I’ve been given an opportunity to see what it can do for my asthma, allergies and bipolarism. So far I’ve experienced the acupuncture needles, been cupped (a relaxing technique but leaves huge bruises– kender freaked when he saw them), and received nutritional recommendations to further improve my heath. I’ve received two treatments so far and left each appointment feeling more at ease with myself and calm.

On the Tarot School: I received the first lesson for my tarot classes last week and am slowly going through the materials. It’s totally not what I expected, but this is good. This lesson delves right into numerology. I’m excited by this new material but I also feel intimidated. I hope I can get the work done. I also need to schedule a phone call with my instructors. I have questions about how to submit my homework and need to tell them which deck I’m using with this course.

On The Fountain: We watched The Fountain last night. It’s billed as a sci-fi thriller but to toss it into that general category does a disservice to this film. Darren Aronofsky, who also did Requiem for a Dream and Pi (also amazing movies), crafted one hell of a mind-twist. While the plot entangles and entwines the stories of three lovers, it leaves you with a feeling of something deeper and primal at work. It’s more about redemption, love, death and finding peace within the universe. It reminds me that time is precious and that I need to focus on the things I love: my hubby, my work and spirituality. And I’m sure that it’s the big reason why I couldn’t sleep.

Okay, now that I’ve spewed all this out I’m going to try and be productive now. Diving back into Chapter Two of TOUCHED.

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