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Tarot Inspired Life. Llewelyn Books, 2019.

Make tarot the centerpiece of your spirituality with this inspiring, insightful guide to incorporating the cards into your daily life. Designed to help you apply the cards to your spiritual and everyday practices, Tarot Inspired Life is the perfect workbook for anyone who wants to make their tarot practice deeper and more meaningful.

This is not another tarot book filled with keywords, descriptions, or correspondences. This book encourages you to befriend your deck, personalize your spreads, and keep a tarot personal assistant. Discover how to use the cards for creative writing, meditation, and connecting to spirit guides. Learn how your deck can be an agent of change through invocations, seasonal rituals, and more. Jaymi Elford offers guidance in following your own path, honoring your own messages and interpretations of tarot.

Runes of the Northern Light. Lo Scarabeo, 2017.

An inspiring rune deck which includes meanings, meditations, and stories for each rune. Translated into Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.



Panda Tarot. Lo Scarabeo, 2017.

This fun and fantastical deck features anthropomorphic pandas in a rider waite smith tarot structure. I had a fun time writing the introduction as if the pandas were the first ones to discover tarot. Translated into Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.


Triple Goddess Tarot. Lo Scarabeo, 2017.

My first tarot deck! Artwork by Franco Rivolli. Explore the power of the Triple Goddess, whose whose Divine nature is the expression of the Female concept, is the center of Pagan and Wiccan spirituality. Her symbol is the Moon, as seen in her many different phases: waxing, full, and waning. The same is true of feminine nature: maiden, mother, and then crone. The feminine cycle is a powerful and magical point of view on the meaning of life, seen as harmony, growth, and spirituality, forever and gently flowing, connecting with Divine.

Tarot Experience. Lo Scrabeo, 2017.

I was asked to write an essay for the second volume in Lo Scarabeo’s tarot hardbound encyclopedia. My essay Using Tarot to Define Your Personal Mission, takes you through the discovery process of crafting a unique personal mission statement using the cards.

Wirth TarotGolden Tarot of Wirth Trumps Tarot. Lo Scarabeo, 2016.

A majors only tarot deck that modernizes the tarot as seen by Oswald Wirth. I wrote the book for this deck. Translated into Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.


Circle of Life Tarot boxCircle of Life Tarot. Lo Scarabeo, 2016.

A re-release of the classic round tarot deck. I took the text and reimagined each card’s story and added a calendar spread. Translated into Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.

Please note that the current booklet does NOT contain my author credit. Be assured that I did write the work.

thelematarotThe Thelema Tarot, Lo Scarabeo, 2015.

I wrote the guide book and created a spread for this RWS clone. Translated into Italian, Spanish, French, and German.



engaging the spirit worldEngaging the Spirit World, Immanion Press, 2013.

In this anthology, I wrote an essay about how to create altars in various forms to honor the spirits.


womensvoicesWomen’s Voices in Magic, Immanion Press, 2009.

For this anthology, I wrote a personal essay about my current journey through my spiritual/magical practice. You can also get Women’s Voices in Magic from Powell’s.


Ravens in the Library CoverRavens in the Library, Quiet Thunder Productions, 2009.

Read my story “A Thin Line, Between” along with stories by Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Charles deLint, and others. This limited edition anthology benefited singer/songwriter SJ Tucker who suffered medical hardships at the end of 2008. This book went out of print in September 2009, and has now become a collector’s edition.

Pop Culture Grimoire CoverPop Culture Grimoire, Immanion Press, 2008.

My first metaphysical publication. In my essay, “Pop Goes the Tarot,” I explore different ways you can use a tarot deck and pop culture. Learn how to read for your favorite tv/movie characters, and create your own iPod tarot deck! You can also get The Pop Culture Grimoire from Powell’s.

Digital Web 2.0 CoverDigital Web 2.0, White Wolf, 1998.

I wrote the Prelude story as well as did some character sketches and location descriptions. Again, as 2nd edition World of Darkness books are out of print, I’m sure you can find used copies from Powell’s or amazon.

Destiny's Price CoverDestiny’s Price, White Wolf, 1995.

I wrote the Prelude story for this book. While 2nd edition World of Darkness books are out of print, I’m sure you can find used copies from Powell’s or amazon.


New Media Publications

  • The Cartomancer. Feature article in Volume 1, issue 1. Feature article in Volume 2, issue 3. Feature article in Volume 3, Issue 4.
  • Witches & Pagans Magazine Media Reviewer. I write reviews of books, cds, or other media for this internationally produced quarterly magazine. 2010- current.
  • D*I*Y Associate editor and weekly columnist. Articles revolve around creativity and productivity. Syndicated on and 2005-2010.