Tarot Site Renovations

I’ve been thinking a lot about tarot and how to attract more seekers to my tarot practice. In the past, the tarot link at the top of my Shades of Maybe domain took site visitors to my Tarot Wiki. Well, as of Wednesday that’s no longer the case. I’ve installed yet another instance of WordPress and revamped tarot.shadesofmaybe.com (please note, that as of 2012 this doesn’t exist. I now have tarotinspiredlife.com) so it functions more like a tarot business and blog, than a repository of my tarot related information.

I’ve added pages that tell seekers about my reading rates, ethics, reading events, as well as a page of testimonials from past seekers. I’m also slowly and steadily moving the bulk of the tarot-related posts from this area to there. In the future, I hope to post reviews, essays, readings and tarot-related tidbits from my life to that site. Of course, I also hope the area attracts more seekers who’d like me to read for them and help them achieve their dreams.

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